– is set of fully integrated modules. These modules addresses various business needs of a Trading House.

  • ContracERP Management – addresses Contract Entry, Contract Verification, Trading Position Management, Forward Position Management, etc.
  • Logistics – deals with goods movement like Shipping, Clearing, Invoicing, Delivery, etc. and includes Transaction Expense Allocation (like Shipping Expenses, etc.), Expense Estimation, etc.
  • Accounts Payable – allows the company to Monitor Supplier Bills, Payments Due, Payments Made, Payables Age Analysis, etc.
  • Accounts Receivables – allows the company to Monitor Customer Invoices, Receipts Due, Receipts, Bill reconciliation, Receivables Age Analysis, etc.
  • Inventory – allows the company to Monitor the Stock Position, Stock Transfer, Stock Adjustments, Repacking, Stock Valuation, etc.
  • Currency Management – deals with Currency Purchases / Sales, Decision Support to decide when to buy / sell foreign currencies, managing Forward Currency Deals, Maturity Dates, Currency Flow – reporting early or late receipts in comparison with invoices, etc.
  • Finance & Book keeping – provides Debit/Credit notes, Trial Balance, General Ledger, Profit & Loss Statement, Balance Sheet, etc.
  • MS-Office Interface – exports reports to MS-Office applications like MS-Word, MS-Excel, etc. Export data to other allocations that can read data in standard formatted files like delimited files, CSV files, Flat files, etc.
  • Alert Manager – alerts users automatically when pre-defined (user definable) events occur. Examples are: Payment Due, Shipment Delay, Critical remarks about parties the company deals with, etc.