ContracERPconsists of a set of tightly integrated modules designed to address various business needs of a Trading House.

The design allows it to be customised for different types of operations.

General Features

  • Multiple companies can use ContracERP a single installation, provided they are all working from the same Server (the main computer from where the application is run)
  • Unlimited operating period (Multi-Year)
  • User definable Warehouses (Storage Facilities) and Units of Measure
    (Weights like Kg, Lbs, etc.)
  • User definable Currencies (Euro, USD, Pounds Sterling, etc.)
  • User definable Packing units (Palettes, bags, Tins, Sacks, etc.)
  • Multi-user access from geographically different locations (if the database is hosted on an Internet Server)
  • User definable Commodities, Buyers, Shippers, Account Ledgers, etc., all unlimited
  • All reports are exportable to Word, Excel, Internet Explorer and other standard file formats for transfer to other third party applications
  • Drill down feature in relevant reports to delve into details, from a consolidated report by automatically opening a detail of any item on the report
  • Direct Interface with e-mail applications to send mails automatically
  • Comprehensive Audit Trail helps track possible system errors, unauthorized access, etc.
  • The system is very secure and allows only authorized users access to functions.
  • Access to each function can be restricted for any user by controlling it at the menu level
  • Comprehensive Online Help
  • Facility to switch between databases – test database, backup databases, etc.
  • User definable reports
  • Pre-defined alerts and user definable alerts
  • Data export directly from database based on selection/filter conditions

Business Features

  • Complete control over Contracts, Trading and Forward Positions
  • Up-to-date information on profitability and expenses
  • Control stock and its movement including expenses incurred thereof
  • Integrated Foreign Currency dealings
  • On-line information on receivables and payables
  • Comprehensive information on Trading, Shipping and Stock related activities with related expenses
  • Ascertain the cost of any commodity (with actual expenses incurred todate and estimated costs in future, where bills have not been received yet) at any stage in the lifetime of a transaction, including shipment, warehouse, stock transfer, repacking, etc.
  • Determine profitability of existing stock / contracts entered into, based on current market value
  • Invoice customers for onboard (afloat) or any warehouse or a combination thereof
  • User can interchange weight basis between Gross and Net Weight in any transaction without at any point of the transaction
  • Alert Manager automatically warns users when exceptions occur
  • All modules are tightly integrated to avoid users ever having to enter the same information again for various modules