Q1. How does ContracERP ensure data security?

ContracERP does not store anything on the local desktop machine. The entire data is stored on the central server using the MS-SQL Server database application. To access a database, users must have a database user id and password. The database user account is not the same as the one used by operators when they login. Therefore, nobody in the organization (except database administrators) are aware of the access codes. Moreover, system tracks all changes to the database using a comprehensive audit trial procedure. This document can be used to determine accurately, who changed what and when.

Q2. Do I need separate installation per company?

ContracERP can support multiple companies within the same database. The installation settings are common to all the companies hence you do not need an additional installation. However, you are required to set certain parameters specific to the company (such as voucher numbers, local currency etc) before the beginning transactions

Q3. Can invoices be in one currency and payments or receipts be in another?

ContracERP maintains discrete trial balances per currency and allows transaction entry in any currency. If an invoice is in one currency and the corresponding payment in another, appropriate account vouchers called journal vouchers will be generated automatically to transfer the equivalent amount from the corresponding accounts to reflect the change from the invoice currency to the new one

Q4. One Shipper contracted to ship 18 containers in June. In late June, we came to know that the last container will not be shipped due to circumstances beyond control of the shipper and that he would like to close the contract. Is this possible?

When a contract is entered into ContracERP, it expects shipment based on the details of the contract as scheduled in the contract. However, this is not mandatory. Quantities can be more or less. If the user is sure that no more deliveries are going to take place against a position in the contract or the contract as a whole, it can be closed and the balance quantity expected will be removed automatically from the ‘Forward position’ report.

Q5. Can I create my own ad-hoc reports?

ContracERP has a report generator function built into it. All available data fields from the database (grouped by tables) are listed within the report generator. Users can select the data fields based on which to generate a report. Filters to sieve out unwanted data, sorting parameters to arrange data in a specific manner, grouping commands to group data within specific boundaries, etc. are possible in the report generator. ContracERP will display the report on the screen, after which it can be printed, faxed or e-mailed. Reports created with the report writer can be saved and used in the future without the trouble of redefining them

Q6. Is there anyway of determining the age of the bills outstanding?

During invoice data entry, ContracERP asks for the ‘due date’. The age of a bill is calculated based on this date. Aging details then are available in the customer account report, the supplier account report, the bills receivable report and the bills payable report

Q7. Is there any method to audit contract data entered by another operator to ensure accuracy?

ContracERP supports verification of contracts entered by all users by tracking the un-verified contracts, providing a list of such contracts. Each of these contracts can be selected, opened in the contract data entry screen, verified on-line on the screen or later with a printed copy. After verification, errors, if any, can be corrected. When all data in a contract is known to be accurate, it can be marked as verified

Q8. Since ContracERP supports multiple companies; can I switch between companies without existing the application?

Yes. When a user logs into ContracERP the default company will open. However, users can change the company to any other company using the ‘Select Company’ option under the ‘Administration’ menu. ContracERP remembers the last company used by a user and direct take the user to that company on the next login

Q9. How do I get my trading position?

ContracERP based on the contracts, shipments and invoices automatically derives the trading position. No manual effort is needed to view this report. Select the ‘Trading Position’ report under the ‘Trading Menu’ to view the report

Q10. How do I find out when L/C's have to be opened?

The detailed trading position report available under the ‘Trading’ menu can be used to filter contracts based on any payment terms. Since the Letter of Credit is defined as a payment term in ContracERP, the same report can be used to list out all contracts/installments that require L/C coverage

Q11. Can I purchase in Pounds and sell in Kilograms?

Yes. ContracERP can convert from any unit to any other unit based on the conversion rules defined along with the unit definition itself. Users have the flexibility of modifying any of these rules including the conversion factors at the time of installing the system. New units can be added at anytime. Rules cannot be changed once any transaction has been affected on a unit as it would upset the integrity of the system and the data therein

Q12. Can I purchase Vietnamese Cashew and can cross substitute it with Indian Cashew at the time of sales?

Yes. By default, ContracERP applies a filter to find matching commodities. However, you have the flexibility of selecting a different commodity (replacement) at the time of entering the sale